“Back to School” time is a meaningful shift for everyone: students, parents and teachers alike. I am grabbing this opportunity to bring up awareness to the energy of a place and how awareness helps us walk into any situation with more confidence.

As I was preparing my classroom for September these past few days, I realized that, not only was I preparing it for aesthetics and content – I sure want it to look good and be educational to my students – I was also preparing the energy I want it to have to kick off a new school year and welcome a group of kids in it.

In energy work and spirituality, you hear a lot about the energy of a place, which like the energy of a person, is unique to each and every one of them, and interacts with us. You may have noticed that some places feel good to you, for no particular reason, that they seem to vibrate or be aligned with you. You get a happy tingling in your stomach, arms or legs about it. The opposite is true too: some places make us feel uneasy, uncomfortable, nervous in them for no particular reason.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, whenever you enter a room, you take a shape – a mental and emotional shape. You carry with you your own energy – everything that constitutes who you are, which then blends with that of other people and surrounding objects, including rooms themselves.

When your energy is aligned with your surroundings – people and places – you get that happy tingling and you feel more energized, at ease, closer to your inner Self. If not, it may require more energy to get there, although it is always possible!

Back to my classroom, the shift from summer to September feels intense to many people, including some who are not involved with school-aged children. To ensure a smooth transition back to school, every teacher, with their own personal touch, will put in a good amount of energy (here is that word again!) to set up the classroom before school starts. This has to do both with the teaching material and the vibe that will shape the room. The room becomes a support to the academic journey going on through the year.

Without this, the picture would be incomplete.

Now, here is a good tool to use in everyday life: if you are a parent, student or teacher, next time you walk into a classroom, take a minute or so to look around you. Silence the surrounding noises, activating your inner peace and ask yourself the question: “How does this room feel and look to me?”. Receive the answer with an open heart. Awareness is empowering. If you are not involved with a school environment, observe the places where you go shopping, your workplace or your next vacation place. Ask yourself the same question and observe the answer. As a parent, ask your child too, children easily tap into their inner feelings and provide truthful answers.

Happy (almost but not yet) September everyone!

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