As an introverted and introspective person, I often find myself reflecting about small details in my life. Some appear to be irrelevant at first and yet reveal the path to happiness.

Socks came to my attention this morning.

One might ask: “What do socks have to do with happiness?”

The answer to this question probably lies somewhere between “nothing” and “everything”! Like most aspects of life and personal growth, it is a question of perception and interpretation.

Let me tell you my story.

As a young adult, I used to notice that good news was coming my way every time I was wearing new socks.

I mean, literally: the day I would wear a brand new pair, fresh from cutting the tag, boom, I was receiving the phone call from an employer giving me the job I had applied for months ago.

Another time, another new pair, I received a phone call to check out a second-hand car in perfect condition, putting an end to months of search for this car.

It kept happening, for several years!

Of course, it happened spontaneously and under my radar. The most skeptical of us might argue that there is no link between those facts, that it is mere coincidence. I don’t believe in mere coincidence.

So, my story continues.

As I became more and more aware of myself over the years, I reconnected with my inner Virginie.

I realized how much I love walking barefoot, especially on grass.

My feet are sensitive and receptive. I can feel the energy coming from the earth into my soles with a tingling sensation. I love the coolness of the grass and the gritty soil underneath it.

Are you “roots” or “wings”?

I am a dreamer, an optimistic person with a tendency to live so high up in the clouds that I seem to be flying like a hot-air balloon or a bird.

If you asked me to choose between the words “roots” or “wings” to qualify myself, I would say the wings. Even though I am a rooted responsible adult.

My perspective is generally from above; I like to see the bigger picture of any given situation before stepping in. I like to roam around before committing. I am a free spirit that needs to know the cage is always open, allowing me to fly around the world.

My wife Mary is my perfect opposite in this respect. She is the “roots” in our marriage. I am her kite and she is my Benjamin Franklin. My ideas shoot up into the skies whereas hers are down-to-earth. I caricature to the extreme, to give you an idea.

Because of this, our relationship can be bumpy at times and yet it is extremely balancing and nourishing at the end of the day. We meet halfway thanks to our love for each other.

Unlike me, she loves to hug trees! She can feel their energy when she does so. Interestingly enough, she doesn’t care much for walking barefoot on the grass. Actually she hates walking barefoot, anywhere.


While deeply rooted to the earth below, trees extend their branches high up towards the sky. When Mary hugs a tree, she connects to her wings, up above.

While fully open to the skies above, grass is intricately connected to the center of the earth. When I walk barefoot, I connect to my roots, down below.

This is yin and yang, this is balance, this is your soul craving for the part that is missing and telling you to embrace it. It applies to everything in life!

Opposites are two sides of the same coin. You will find happiness when you start bringing opposites together, as if they had never been separated. Find your balance.

Back to the socks

If it were part of our culture, I would walk barefoot everywhere.

I believe that happy socks are my way of telling my feet that they can be free and joyful at all times.

My socks speak to me like art would: their textures, colors, patterns and messages express something. I choose to wear a pair or the other according the mood of the day or the occasion. I love to give and receive them as a gift. Socks are more than just a piece of clothing to me.

After use, they can be recycled into puppets, lavender eye pillows, colorful rags or some part of your home. Just love them and let them love you.

Stuffed giraffe made with recycled socks by a company that shares profits with childcare associations.

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