What is Yoga?

Yoga is not something new. It is, in fact, very ancient.

It is new for us, Westerners, though, which is why we have some difficulties to grasp our minds around it.

Modern Yoga

Different styles of yoga exist nowadays in Western countries and they mostly refer to a class or workout activity with a certain degree of awareness to your body, mind and spirit.

In the East, where yoga is originating from, it has a broader meaning, it is a philosophy with many tools.

If you find a modern style of yoga such as “Hot Yoga”, “Acrobatic Yoga” or even “Goat Yoga”, it is ok to follow that line, as long as it speaks to you and you are feeling good about it.

Different styles exist to meet different types of personalities, different cultures and, sometimes, different periods of your life.

Meaning of Yoga

Yoga means “union”, as in “unification”.

Any activity that you do and that feels good, as long as you are not harming yourself or others, will bring you closer to your personal balance, that is your own union with yourself. Your harmony.

Traditional Yoga

However, if you are yearning for the traditional style of Yoga, you must look for a teacher or a class that provides this ancient knowledge to you. You will find one!

Then, it will feel like you are finally getting home when you receive the teachings, when you practice the asanas, when you relax yourself into chanting and chanting becomes you, when you do Karma Yoga, and so on.


So, ask yourself “What is Yoga for me?” and start walking towards that path of creating your own harmony. You will find yourself.

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My name is Virginie Ligot and I teach Yoga in connection with emotional healing for highly sensitive women who are looking for their own true Self and balance. If you are one of them, contact me for a free discovery Skype session (30 minutes): vligot@hotmail.com.

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