Let’s talk about a stress-less you!

Open-house ‘Women & Energy’ workshops on Sat. 9/30 in Rumson
9-11 AM / 1-3 PM / 4-6 PM 
For women who want to overcome and manage their stress on their own and for men who want to understand and support their women. *FREE*

Virginie Ligot, Yoga teacher and specialist in emotional management for highly sensitive women
During a two-hour discovery workshop (9am/1pm/4pm), we work with a group of 6 women and men who want to discover and/or enhance their natural ability to overcome stress in daily life and elevate their levels of positive emotions thanks to a 100% natural method.
We will help you incorporate the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle to a deeper level of consciousness.

Mary Flynn, Licensed Massage Therapist. Touch Therapeutic and Sports Massage.

Benefits of participating to a stress-relief workshop:

  • Give yourself the permission to slow down and relax
  • Find out about the latest trends – yet sometimes very ancient techniques – to manage your stress and emotions on your own
  • Discover how to create your own balanced routine
  • Awaken your Self
  • Give yourself the love and care that you deserve
  • Connect to the power of your inner wisdom
  • Meet like-minded people


Read Carole and Anne’s testimonials after their participation to the « 4 nights of Yoga » and « Women & Energy » workshops that took place in Belgium in Oct 2016 and March 2017.

Carole, who participated in the “4 nights of Yoga” workshop in Belgium.
Carole, how were you feeling before the workshop?
I was feeling agitated and in need of positive energy.
What did you particularly enjoy during the workshop?
To take a moment just for myself, my body and energy.  To take a break and take care of myself.
What result(s) did you obtain during and after the workshop?
A deep, deep relaxation and a feeling of peace during and after the workshop.
The exercises allowed me to calm down and I can easily redo them at home (I regularly practice the abdominal breathing and the alternate-nostril breathing).  I realized how badly I needed to relax and take a moment just for myself, for my breathing.
A healthy lifestyle includes my ability to take care of myself.
What I really felt during the workshop: the importance of reconnecting and rebalancing my energies.

« I now feel ready to embrace my daily life without feeling burdened by it. »

Anne, who participated in the “Women & Energy” workshop in Belgium.
Anne, what was your idea of « taking care of your energy » before the “Women & Energy” workshop?
To take time for myself and practice a relaxing activity.
How were you feeling before taking this workshop?
I was feeling positive and open-minded, yet also stressed and tired.
What did you particularly enjoy during the workshop?
The friendly atmosphere and the fact that we shared common experiences. I also appreciated the opportunity to let out my stress and emotions.
What result(s) did you obtain during and after the workshop? 
I felt mentally and physically relaxed. I realized that I deserve to take time for myself and to cultivate my wellbeing. I now feel ready to embrace my daily life without feeling burdened by it.

This workshop includes:

  • Welcome and presentation.
  • A group meditation with Virginie
  • Introduction to Yoga with Virginie
  • Introduction to Laughter yoga with Virginie
  • Q&A session with Virginie and Mary
  • Presentation of our coming events and latest programs for a stress-less lifestyle
  • Surprises 🙂

Practical details:  

  • Saturday September 30th, 2017  
  • 9 – 11 am / 1-3 pm / 4-6 pm (pick your desired schedule)   Limited amount of places: 6 participants per workshop.
  • Rumson, NJ 07760  
  • A two-hour workshop dedicated to you and your wellbeing, that includes activities as well as a Q&A session with Virginie and Mary

How to register?

Register before Monday 9/25  
Limited amount of places: 6 participants per workshop.
1. Send an e-mail with the subject “Women & Energy workshop” to the address: vligot@hotmail.com 
2. Indicate your desired schedule (workshops start at 9am / 1pm /or 4pm), as well as the name and number of participants.
Your registration is subject to availability for the desired schedule and a confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.
3. A registration form will be sent to you by e-mail, which needs to be filled in and sent back to the address: vligot@hotmail.com
4. Indicate in the form any medical condition that might limit your practice of yoga or laughter yoga (consult with your physician in case of doubt).

What to bring?

• Bring your yoga mat and a towel
• Water bottle
• Wear comfortable clothing for the practice of yoga.

This workshop is your first step towards your ability to feel more energized and relaxed in daily life.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Mary & Virginie

Mary Flynn, Touch Therapeutics and Sports Massage
Mary Flynn
Mary Flynn (USA), Licensed Massage Therapist, has a down-to-earth approach that encompasses the body and mind as a whole.                www.facebook.com/touchtherapeutican…

Virginie Ligot, Yoga and Emotions.
Virginie Ligot
Yoga teacher and coach in emotional balance. (Belgium)
Virginie guides highly-sensitive women to balance their overwhelming or disconnected emotions and live in harmony with their inner selves.
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