Ladies, this week will be blessed with a full moon (Thursday Oct. 5th) and full moon always brings renewed energies with it. the beginning of a new cycle and the opportunity to reflect on who we are and what our intentions are in life.
This month is said to be particularly auspicious for healing our feminine aspects in relation with our maternal ancestors.
We are connected to all of the women in our family, deceased and alive. We are influenced by our ancestors and, likewise, we are influencing the generations that follow us.
If you would like to attune to this healing energy, follow the link to British author and Moonmother Miranda Gray and register to the World Womb Blessing for this Thursday 10/5 (4 different schedules avalaible). Register by following this link.
“The Womb Blessing is a transformational energy therapy and female practice that brings powerful healing and change to the womb and its cycle, and to the four female archetypal energies, to create connectedness to our femininity, tranquillity and centeredness, female empowerment and well-being. Through connection to the Divine Feminine it opens us to our natural female spirituality.“ Miranda Gray
I am Virginie Ligot and I guide highly sensitive women who want to be light and happy through yogic practice, Reiki and emotional healing. Feeling stressed and all over the place? Did you know that you can easily shift your energy and give yourself all the love that you deserve? Contact me for a free 30-mins Skype session:
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